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By private invitation only;

This webpage does not constitute a PUBLIC offering nor is this venue intended for consumption by the General-Public, Statutory Public Officers, BAR Members, Military Officers, or Commercial Merchants. This website is not on any public search engines nor is it publicly advertised anywhere in the ‘world-system’. Therefore, if you have not been privately referred here from an existing Member and have found this private lawful digital venue in error, please exit now, otherwise, allow us to walk you through a quick who, what, why, where the introduction of our elegantly designed Cooperative Society.

A Cooperative Society is an autonomous invitation-only association of real people in their original sovereign State united privately to meet common goals as ‘a part of’: an autocratic body which allows an exclusive jurisdiction away from Corporate assumptions & Admiralty presumptions.

As a foundational private entity that is absent of Maritime jurisdictional presumptions, we believe that cooperative societies are the next stage of Man’s social evolution that will edge out the ‘world beast system’. Since the dawn of small tribes, we have always cooperated together in order to survive despite competition and conflict, but now, with the advent of global communication technology, we have a larger and wider power to come together to synergize our peaceful and private missions. By pooling together our knowledge, experiences, and resources in the spirit of self and mutual help – we believe that this equitable model has not only stood the test of time but will stand the test of time for us right now.

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