How it works…

Because of the nature and character of what this is and how the world’s credit system works, in order to complete this complex process, we have broken it up into 4 basic Phases that require you to do some work outside of TPCSE. There are four Phases to this process. In order to provide you with this process, these separate phases are required to separate the private aspects from the PUBLIC aspects and also to separate the private safe preparation of your property from the secure Public actions as we go along this process. The four Phases are subject to updates over time and are outlined below:

Phase A:

Phase A is here within The People’s Cooperative Society of Equity foundational non-encrypted Member area. Phase A is where we can come together privately to help each other prepare and develop our knowledge, understand how this all works and to connect with other Members for mutual benefit – if you desire so. This Phase is heavy on the education and learning in order to become aware of why things get done – the way they do.

Phase B:

After one becomes a Member of the Society, they are then entitled to receive a private invitation from The People’s Treasury Trust. The People’s Treasury website is a secure and encrypted Treasury platform for Members to sign-on-to the Security Agreement. Phase B takes you through the process of issuing your security instruments and processing it for-deposit of your credit into your Treasury trust account.

  • Assign their interest in-to The People’s Treasury Trust – for their beneficiary;
  • Member exchanges 5 Grams of lawful Gold for consideration in exchange for lifetime Treasury services rendered;
  • Member gets the Note ‘monetized’;
  • final steps inside Members area.

Phase C:

The Treasury Exchange non-encrypted Client training area is where you apply and become a Client of Treasury Exchange (Transfer Agent) and prepare your interests according to the check-list in order to use the secure Treasury Exchange platform for your banking requirements. You will be required to prepare, print and sign some documents.

  • The important steps you must take are inside the preparation Client area

Phase D:

The Treasury Exchange secure and encrypted banking-platform is where we manage our accounts for:

  1. Transferring credit out and into your SPV Credit Card.
  2. Entering Settlement assets
  • The important steps you must take are inside the secure Client area
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