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Section I: Who

a) By affirming my agreement on the blue Register button below, I hereby state that I am a man or woman operating by my own private ‘Sovereign will’ and lawful capacity hereby indicate that I am ready to take the next responsible steps in managing my private interests, assets and ‘financial-energy’.

b) By affirming my agreement on the blue Register button below, I hereby affirm and agree that this Member Contract is intended for the mutual benefit of all Members of TPCSE including myself to secure our property and/or our assets into the Security Agreement trust Deed called: The People’s Treasury Trust and I will learn how to stay in honor thereof.

Section II: Where

b) By affirming my agreement on the blue Register button below, I do hereby affirm and confirm that this private Member Contract is between myself and all the Members of The People’s Cooperative Society of Equity (TPCSE) including the Supervisory Board Members wherever in the world their venue is on the land.

Section III: Member Qualification:

By affirming my agreement on the blue Register button below, I hereby express and attest that;

a) I have reached the age of majority;
b) I rescind and dissafirm any and all other Societies that I have unknowingly signed on to including, but not limited to my local Law Society;
cI will read the Articles of Association of the TPCSE;
dI will study the Maxims of Equity;

Section IV: Contract Obligations:

  • aI will endeavour to complete any and all obligations I invoke as a Member;
  • bI will cooperate with other Members in good faith;
  • cI will look after my invited Members as they trust me to help them administer their affairs including but not limited to their debts and obligations in The People’s Treasury;
  • dI will settle my Member Contract credit obligations by either remitting Title of Property in to the Treasury trust or I will settle with real gold – or – settle by my labour if no gold or real-property Title can be conveyed;
  • fI will secure the beneficial interest of my property and assets to a: trust entity.

Section V: Contract Termination:

a) If I so choose to do so, in harmony with this private contract, I will rescind my Member Contract in writing, as required. Also if i am deemed to have acted in a dishonorable manner by the TPCSE Supervisory Board or The Peoples Treasury Trustees I will accept the termination of this Member Contract and will return or destroy this original. I recognize The People’s Treasury reserves the right to settle any and all charges at the time of termination – meaning all debts must be paid before termination.

Section VI: Contract Responsibilities:

a) I will conduct my settlements and or transactions equitably;
b) I will check back from time to time to see if this contract has been updated.

Section VII: Waiver of liability of The People’s Treasury:

a) The trust, The People’s Treasury is not responsible for Members’ conductivity in the Public, it is up to Members to stay in honor with/by/for/of any and all Public entities including their relationships with defacto occupying Governments, Financial Institutions and their Agents and/or Assigns;

Section VIII: Waiver of liability of The People’s Treasury:

a) TPCSE will not be responsible for any and all Member’s errors and omissions;
b) TPCSE uses Oxford Dictionary wording and spelling;
c) Members will be Agents of any and all resulting Trusts created inside the Treasury Trust for their property assets of interest;
d) The real party of interest of any and all resulting Trusts can not be a legal PERSON – it must be a living hier or be put under the control of an Executor of the associated Estate;

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