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What We Are…

We are a private Cooperative Society formed by real solvent men and real solvent women on the land. We are an organizational advancement further to the original Member-based organization that has since evolved from the original founding Member agreement. The People’s Cooperative Society of Equity holds within it a legal ‘container’ if you will – that is a Security Agreement, titled: “The People’s Treasury Trust” which was and is instituted for all of it’s contributing Members of interest. The private property and assets held in trust within the security agreement is made up of the property ‘re-posited’ by the Members of the Cooperative Society. The property may be made up of asset-backed securities, Treasury Notes, Certificates, Bonds, grams of ninety-nine percent [99%] pure gold, Land Titles, raw uncut Diamonds and other precious stones, metals or assets of substance.

Research published by the ‘Worldwatch Institute’ found that in 2012 approximately one billion people in 96 countries had become Members of at least one type of Cooperative. As of 2018, the turnover of the world’s largest three hundred cooperatives reached $2.2 trillion with only 6% comprised of the banking and financial services sector.

Typically, the intent and purpose a Cooperative Society operates by are for:

  1.   Private voluntary Member subscription;
  2.   Democratic control;
  3.   Autocratic autonomy for an independent jurisdiction;
  4.   Promoting positive economic outcomes;
  5.   Promoting education and information technology;
  6.   Fair Trade treaties among other private Cooperative Societies.

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