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The People’s Cooperative Society of Equity is a private not for public profit organization that was bourne of the trusting hearts, trusting minds and trusting spirits of real solvent men and real solvent women of their private exclusive capacities to whom have come together on the land in ‘now-time’ recognizing one another through plain-sight recognition on that day of ratification.

Take notice that we are real men and real women that know who we are and what our relationships are – and are not. Our Members have been known to domicile in the areas known as Australia, Canada, the United States of America and Jamaica. We comprise many walks of life with many variable skills, expertise and knowledge in many areas such as, but not limited to: Banking, Trust law, Equity, Commerce, Law, Finance, Tax Law, Information Architecture, Data Security, Data Management, Accounting, Book-Keeping, Court Procedure, and Corporate Administration.

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