Why a Cooperative Society

Why a Cooperative Society…

Are you a Member of the local Law Society? If not, are you sure you are not? Have you ever signed up for Social benefits from a Government organization? If so, there’s a good chance that you were asked for your Birth Certificate to do so and were inadvertently indoctrinated through the Social-contract form and then entered into a ‘Civil Society’ without full disclosure.

Your Birth Certificate can either be a powerful vehicle for your benefit – or it can be tyrannical enslavement – it just depends how you use it – IF you are aware. Unfortunately 99% of the people of the world are not aware what the Birth Certificate really is, or what can be done with it, so all of mankind has fallen victim to this “Planned Trespass” against all of our Minds. The video below is a good introduction for those that are not aware that this system even exists. After watching this video, you will begin to see WHY we need a Cooperative Society rooted in Equity to safely come together in.

We are always free to leave not only an unrevealed-contract, but also free to leave a free Society at anytime without recourse or reason. For more information on the international nature of interactions of societies and it’s participants, we recommend reading The Law of Nations.

It is here within a private entity organization that we can come together as real men and real women without Statutory Civil Codes and Corporate Acts that we did not consciously and knowingly agree to be bound by. It is here within our own exclusive venue that we can make promises as a Creditor with Creditor rights and have them entered into a Security Agreement for mutual benefit under full-disclosure, unlike the military-driven banks that do not have our best interests or – the world’s best interest in their hearts. Also, unlike any other Bank or even Credit Union our private cooperative-society affords the extraordinary advantage and benefit of debt-settlement remedy.

A continuous point of contention for many is the conundrum of shedding and relinquishing one’s old public ‘skin’ and the relationships that go along with it – for their real private skin which requires one to think differently and act differently within their new relationships. It is not easy to let go of old programming and old habits that have been indoctrinated and built up in our minds over a lifetime. This transition requires support, patience, guidance, study and practice everyday. Please be patient with one another and wait for others to get to your level of knowing. Our evidence proves that less harm happens when we privately share knowledge and privately help each other through the transition.

Since Equity will not perfect an imperfect gift, an inherent fundamental basis for the formation of our Cooperative Society is derived from our inalienable birthright to congregate together as private men and women and share our knowledge with each other for the perfecting of any and all of our gifts.

Since we typically do not teach Trust Law and the basic principles of Equity to our children growing up, nor had it taught to us in PUBLIC School – we believe that by coming together in a safe environment we can begin to stop the usurpation. Stopping the usurpation starts with ourselves, we, as a Society believe it is of paramount importance that we begin transforming ourselves with this knowledge first because Equity aids the vigilant not the indolent that slumbers on their rights.

Our Cooperative Society is associated together by private contract in harmony with our Memorandum of Association. Originally established loosely on the first day of the tenth month of the year Two-thousand and fifteen this common era to allow autonomy of an independent jurisdiction – it has now been proven that that this organizational model will serve many vulnerable and disenfranchised people around the world.

In order to become an approved Member of The People’s Cooperative Society of Equity – you must have been referred here by an existing Member and must complete that approval process which expresses your desire to learn how all this works, fits together and serves your inherent value that you turn into equity every day.

Get a private invitation.

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